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PostSubject: Share on Ovi   Mon Feb 11, 2008 5:27 pm

Published by Ewan Spence at 10:50 GMT, February 11th 2008

Nokia's press release at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona annoucned Ovi's next step. It seems that the evolutioon of Ovi is geared towards the big press dates on the calendar - which makes sense, as the Ovi concept needs to bear repetition to the world, as witnessed by the number of questions around it at today's press conference. Joining Nokia Maps 2.0, is the Share on Ovi online service.

This is partially based on Twango, which Nokia accquired in July 2007. Now labelled as Share on Ovi" the serivce leverages anumber of Web 2.0 principles to allow users to upload a number of media file formats (over 100) and act as an 'everything is here' silo; unlike services such as Flickr, where it is geared towards pictures. Privacy controls allow you to decide who gets to see which file, and you cna create channels that will act as a filter to people navigating your media.

While it does replicate a number of services already inexistence - arguably Facebook manages all this to a certain extent, and Pownce to a much greater, the fact that Nokia should be able to smoothly integrate this into the smartphone range, and allow a single click to store your information online for all to see.

You can sign up to the service now ( and users of the N95, N82 or N73 (and I suspect a number of Nseries devices unofficially) are able to install 'Share Online' to their smartphones to make this process even easier.

The only part missing from the media/sharing equation is a way for you to store your media on your home computer (after all, I'm not going to publish everything for the world. Currently this is whre Lifeblog lives, and a revamped version of this is on the Ovi roadmap. I guess that will be for the next big press event.

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Share on Ovi
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