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 Nokia N93 four times faster at 3D graphics than N81

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PostSubject: Nokia N93 four times faster at 3D graphics than N81   Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:38 pm

Published by Steve Litchfield at 8:16 GMT, February 20th 2008

3D graphics benchmarks aren't the 'be all and end all' when it comes to games playing performance, but they're a good clue as to how capable a device is. So it was interesting to find out about a regularly updated and bookmarkable table of OpenGL ES benchmarked smartphones. It's topped by the 'if you believe Nokia' obsolete N93 and the N-Gage 1st access smartphone, the N81, comes in a lowly 22nd. Read on for comment.

As evidenced by the 'where's the N93 update?' outcry when we announce news of new firmware for other devices, the N93 does seem to be 'the device that Nokia has forgotten', despite the stellar showing here and despite the fabulous video recording and (recorded) sound quality. Nokia - this used to be THE flagship, it's still the fastest and best for many applications, even in 2008, and yet we haven't had a firmware update for years!

Also high up in the 3D benchmark table are the N93i (essentially the same as the N93 under the hood), the N82 and N95 variants, followed shortly by the VGA-screened Dell Axims, the UIQ 3-powered Motorola Z8 and the Nokia E90. Everything else, on all platforms, is a long, long way behind....

The necessity for 3D graphics acceleration hardware (as in the N95, N93, N82 and E90 above) for gaming is a moot point. You'd have thought that this would be a requirement for next-gen N-Gage games, but it seems that most titles are built around software-rendered graphics and have the likes of the N81 and N73 as their baseline.

I'm sure Krisse will leap in here with some relevant article links?

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Nokia N93 four times faster at 3D graphics than N81
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