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 Pdf upgrades across the board

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Pdf upgrades across the board Empty
PostSubject: Pdf upgrades across the board   Pdf upgrades across the board Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 5:47 pm

Published by Steve Litchfield at 13:30 GMT, January 14th 2008

The Pdf products from mBrain Software for S60 3rd Edition have received an upgrade. Most notable is v1.75 of Pdf+ Pro, which includes the functionality from PdfPrinter, allowing you (as it sounds) to print to PDF format, and also lots of Nokia E90 keyboard shortcuts. Pdf+ Standard v1.75 is also new out today. Pdf+ Pro is a paid upgrade to the Standard product.

Categories: Software
Platforms: S60 3rd Edition
News Discussion
As the author of Pdf+ I would like to clarify the different editions of Pdf+ that are available nowadays. There are three editions, Pdf+ Basic, Pdf+ Standard and Pdf+ Pro.

There are also two upgrade packages, Pdf+ Standard Upgrade and Pdf+ Pro Upgrade. Standard Upgrade turns Pdf+ Basic into Pdf+ Standard. And Pro Upgrade turns Pdf+ Standard into Pdf+ Pro.

Buying Pdf+ Pro, or buying Pdf+ Standard first and Pdf+ Pro Upgrade later makes no difference, not in functionality and not in price. You can for instance buy Pdf+ Standard for your N95. If you later purchase an E90, you can then use Pdf+ Standard on the E90, as expected. If you also want printing support, you can just buy Pdf+ Pro Upgrade, and you have spend as much as if you have bought Pdf+ Pro in the first place.

The same reasoning works for Pdf+ Basic and Pdf+ Standard.

Sander van der Wal
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Pdf upgrades across the board
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