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 Symbian Newsomatic: Fast New's

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PostSubject: Symbian Newsomatic: Fast New's   Symbian Newsomatic: Fast New's Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 5:50 pm

[00:19] QuickBlock - extremely cool freeware game! (i-Symbian)
QuickBlock is an extremely cool freeware game for Sony Ericsson smart phones running UIQ 3. It makes use of the touch screen on the phone and will seriously put your reaction skills to a test! In this game it’s all about moving and staying alive. You have to move around your ...

[00:38] Martin O'Neill Reviews CronTab for Series 80 (i-Symbian)
CronTab S80 by OPL maestro Edo is a combination of the in-built Clock and CronTab for EPOC, on steroids. It is an incredibly flexible task scheduling program which can: * sound a variety of alarms * run programs and macros * open documents or files ...

[01:14] Landed and Acclimatised - N81 8GB Special Edition Part 1 (Symbian in Motion)
It’s been 5 days since the N81 8GB Special Edition landed, and ever since then I’ve been busy making the most of it. I’ve had a few requests to review some specific features and I’ll try do my best in trying to answer them. Firstly lets get the physical done...

[04:30] Gizmodo with 10 reasons why CES was horrible (Into Mobile)
Or as I like to call it: 10 reasons why I’m skipping CES 2009. In less than a month I’ll be in Spain for Mobile World Congress and I hope, really hope, that it will make up for the next to meaningless trip to Vegas. Have any of you been to 3GSM? What did you like, wha...

[06:16] Nokia CTO Bob Iannucci: The current mobile space is equivalent... (Into Mobile)
In the latest episode of Nokia’s Technology Podcast “The way we live next” Nokia’s new CTO Bob Iannucci talks about where we are today in terms of mobile and how the next few years will look absolutly nothing like the decade prior. He likens today’s mo...

[08:39] How to: Sign an S60 application with GenialSiS (All About Symbian)
AAS forum member Andrew Galpin answers one of the big FAQs of the last few months - how do you 'sign' an unsigned utility for use on your smartphone? Thanks, Andrew, clearly done, but all readers should both note that this sort of thing isn't for computing beginners and...

[09:02] mBrain Software releases version 1.20 of PdfPrinter for S60 3rd... (SymbianOne)
With PdfPrinter you can create PDF documents, also known as Adobe® Acrobat® files, on your Nokia Eseries smartphone, such as the Nokia E61(i), the Nokia E65 and the Nokia E90.

[09:50] Online and Social with Zyb (All About Symbian)
The worlds of mobile and social networking keep circling each other but (the hibernating Jaiku aside) never seem to really hit it off. Ewan Spence has been looking at Zyb, an online sync host and social network that launched recently. How integrated is Zyb and is it worth signing up for yet?

[11:15] Signing the unsigned - getting unsigned apps to run on your... (Nseries WOM World)
A number of cool and quirky S60 applications that get talked about in the space are unsigned, a notable example might be RotateMe by Samir which requires signing before you can put it to work. This can be a tricky process for the uninitiated however, and so thanks go to Andrew Galp...

[11:39] When Bob speaks, the people listen! (NokNok)
If you haven?t heard it already, you need to check out what Bob Iannucci, Nokia?s top tech dawg, has to say about Nok?s view on tech.

[11:49] Game: XIII: Covert Identity (NokNok)
In a nutshell: Comicbook beat-em-up action with animation to tickle your eyes and drop your jaw. This proves an old formula doesn?t have to be a tired one, and that platform beat-em-ups still have some punch, if they?re made right.

[11:49] N76 Camera Review (Nseries WOM World)
Kiro at the N95 Blog has followed his look at the N76’s music playing capabilities by turning his attention to the camera on the device. Featuring sample shots taken by day and night, the overall conclusion is that the camera is fine for quick snaps, but certainly not in the ...

[11:50] AAS Insight # 8 - CES and runtime technologies (All About Symbian)
In AAS Insight # 8 (AAS podcast 56) Rafe, Steve and Ewan discuss some of the news out of CES: the announcement of the Motorola Z10 and Nokia N95 8GB North American version. There's also information on the recent firmware update for the N95 8GB and the importance of runtime tec...

[11:59] What Nseries can show the world? (Nseries WOM World)
Following his look at five things that Nokia Nseries could learn from the Apple iPhone, Symbian Guru Ricky Cadden turns the tables and looks at what the N95 and its kin have to show Apple… Making the list of five things Apple should learn from Nokia are: providing unlocked ha...

[12:30] Pdf upgrades across the board (All About Symbian)
The Pdf products from mBrain Software for S60 3rd Edition have received an upgrade. Most notable is v1.75 of Pdf+ Pro, which includes the functionality from PdfPrinter, allowing you (as it sounds) to print to PDF format, and also lots of Nokia E90 keyboard shortcuts. Pdf+ Standard ...

[12:50] Announcing TouchCalc for UIQ 3! - Another brainchild of Rene... (i-Symbian)
Ladies and gentlemen, if you are really using your UIQ 3 smartphones to the max, then you must have used the built-in calculator which is a “pain in the a$$” to use because of the tiny-weeny buttons on the screen. And the worst part, for P990 users, the UIQ 3 calculator...

[13:29] The N82 on a Venetian excursion (Nseries WOM World)
James Burland at Nokia Creative has been on a trip to Venice during which a malfunction with a camera charger meant his trusty N82 was relied upon to capture the visit… James says he learned a lot about using the device as a camera replacement during the trip, and will be pos...

[13:50] N81 and N800 captured on an N95 (Nseries WOM World)
It’s a 3 in one love-in from Zach over at Symbian In Motion who has served up a load of images of the N81 including comparison shots with an N800. To top it off, all of the shots you’ll see are taken with an N95 so you can see how the camera performs when [...]

[13:51] Scalado now in more than 150 million camera phones (SymbianOne)
The Swedish company currently has its software embedded in more than 50 different camera phone models, with suppliers such as SonyEricsson and Samsung signing licensing agreements with Scalado to power its imaging applications in new camera phones.

[14:52] Introduction to Kate's maemo blog (Forum Nokia Blogs)
Hello, This is my first blog entry on this blog, let me introduce myself first: I am a Maemo Chief Engineer at Forum Nokia. I have been working with maemo since Nokia 770. I have long history of open source projects, first ones were bios, debuggers and RTOS drivers for 8 bit 6...

[16:00] Day 9, 10 & 11 - N95 8GB Lebanon Ambassador (Symbian Guru)
I am trying to catch up on these reports as fast as I can, so here it is: the 5th report of N95 8GB Lebanon Ambassador covering day 9, 10 and 11 or in better words the use of the N95 8GB as a TV & Radio controller, uploading pictures to Flickr as well as [...]

[16:57] Hippy future phone in action (first look video) (NokNok)
Fashioned from paper electronics, this eco concept phone/watch combo from Nokia has got us rubbing our moonstones with excitement. Ultra thin and focussed on monitoring your well-being, this prototype gives us a flavour of where the future of phones is headed.

[17:45] N95 8GB Spiderman edition impresses (Nseries WOM World)
Matthew Sinclair has posted on his blog, Sinclair’s Musings, as he is very pleased with his new N95 8GB. With Spiderman 3 pre-loaded on the device, the video capabilities of the N95 8GB impress, and not only in playback but also the 30fps recording quality. Another feature th...

[17:51] Nokia N95 Gets New Red Color, New Lower Price (MobileBurn)
The Nokia N95 for North America gets a new color option with the addition of a stylish new red color scheme. Better yet, the price is expected to drop $100, as well. Check out our hands-on photos from CES 2008 in Las Vegas.

[18:38] Steve Jobs' Keynote Leaked: 16 GB iPhone, Japan launch, stealing... (Into Mobile)
According to this leaked rough draft of Steve Jobs’ keynote to take place at MacWorld in less than 24 hours the 16 GB will launch for $500, Japan will get the iPhone with NTT DoCoMo and the SDK for the iPhone platform will be shown off. Two categories of programs can be ava...

[18:38] Steve Jobs' Keynote Leaked: 16 GB iPhone, Japan launch, stealing... (Into Mobile)
According to this leaked rough draft of Steve Jobs’ keynote to take place at MacWorld in less than 24 hours the 16 GB will launch for $500, Japan will get the iPhone with NTT DoCoMo and the SDK for the iPhone platform will be shown off. Two categories of programs can be ava...

[19:00] Astraware Looking For Symbian Beta Testers! (Symbian Guru)
Remember when I told you that Astraware were looking to support the UIQ platform? Well, at the time I was really excited to see that this amazing gaming developer was looking into UIQ and I was hoping they would give S60 3rd Edition a shot too. They develop such great games for Win...

[19:00] iPhone as webcam - iPhoneCam turns your iPhone into a wireless... (Into Mobile)
If you’re already a Mac-user, chances are you already have a built-in iSight camera to do all the web-cam legwork for you. But, if the “cool factor” of having a built-in webcam on your MacBook Pro’s display bezel has started to wear, there’s good news...

[19:22] iPhone web traffic to Google outpaces all other smartphones (Into Mobile)
iPhone, Safari, web-browsing. There’s not much that needs to be said about the iPhone’s web-surfing prowess. We’ve lauded the Apple phone’s web-browser time and time again, and it seems the iPhone-owning population is really putting it to work. The New York ...

[20:58] Slow Symbian Emulator (Mobile Phone Development)
I have been doing some Windows Mobile development this week that has caused me to reflect on emulation. With Visual Studio 2005 and a Pocket PC SDK I can turnround small code changes and restart the emulator in seconds. Why can’t I do the same with the Nokia S60 and UIQ Symb...
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Symbian Newsomatic: Fast New's
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